Every environment is a comfortable oasis of relax thanks also to the choice of double glass windows that offer that offers a thermo-acoustic isolation.

The electric installation has been also studies with particular attention on the ground of the chinese FENG-SHUI doctrine. Thanks to the application of a special bioswitch when the last light is turned off during the night the bed room comes completely isolated from voltage that normally remains in the electric cables when lights are turned off. This allows a sleep devoid of electro-magnetic fields, but it occures to renounce to the radio alarm-clock, TV in the room and the mobile phone.
The water works has been completely realized in copper. They have been used for the walls ecological, transpiring and washable paintings. The stairs that take to the garret is strictly in chestnut-solid wood as the pieces of the kitchen, the door and the parquet and it ends with a romanrtic wrought-iron banister heritage of grand mother’s mountain house.

Everything is orchestrated to lead the peregrine to live this stay in the “ Eternal City “, according the ancient latin greek custom of “ sacred hospitality “.





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