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The bed and breakfast is situated at the crossing between the Flaminia Road, built by order of the Roman Censor Caio Flaminio and the Tiberina Road which runs along the Tiber River. Here we find Piazza Saxa Rubra. This is the name that the ancient Romans gave to the red tufaceous rock that it is possible to see walking down the Flaminia Road along the Tiber banks towards the valley named Crescenza.
According to ancient tales present in Roman literary men Livy’s, Tacitu’s and Cicero’s historical writings it is told that “ Saxa Rubra “ were red coloured rocks because of massacre of the soldiers during the bloody fight between the Fabii and the Veienti. According to others, indeed, it seems that the reason has been the blood shedding of Costantine’s soldiers crucial fight against pagan Maxentius’ ones. Costantine’s victory on October 28 A.C. sanctionned the beginning of the Christianity in the pagan Roman Empire.

In memory of this event, the Pope S. Pius X made build in 1912 a plaque at Prima Porta in the central place of the quarter for the XVI centennial anniversary.




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